Showing of projects

Photo of a person holding a smart phone with a Commonplace map


design | usability | font end

Transforming the way councils and property developers engage with the public.

From Cosm to Xively displaying Cosm's homepage and Xively's homepage side by side

Xively IoT Platform

ux | user research

Cosm, formerly known as Pachube, relaunched as Xively (a division by LogMeIn) in May 2013. Xively is a scalable IoT platform providing a developer experience to debug and manage connected product systems.

CarbonCulture Platform


ux | prototyping | community management

London startup to save energy and carbon in workplaces through web behavioural change activities and visualisations. CarbonCulture was piloted with the Department of Energy and Climate Change in London and achieved a phenomenal 32% uptake.

Stack of maps for Monchique

Maps of Monchique

maps | open source | communication

Five Maps of Monchique freely available online. Easily printable and distributed by guest houses to inform visitors in Monchique of unique walks, the best craft shops and where to find local makers and the tastiest bites.

Visitors at the Novas Direcoes Exhibition

Novas Direcoes

exhibition | sustainable tourism

Week long exhibition to showcase ideas on how to better promote local Monchique products and tourist offers. The projects and findings are the outcome of collaboration with the local council, local businesses and interviewing visitors to Monchique.

Getgo Glasgow co-creation workshop brainstorming and storyboarding ideas

Getgo Glasgow

cocreation | social enterprise

Getgo Glasgow is a social enterprise co-created with GSA MEDes and Innovation students and the Wyndford community in Glasgow. It was the national winner of the Sustain Our Nation Competition in 2010 winning £20,000 for the community to run intergenerational activities.

First complete iteration of the Social Innovation Toolkit

Social Innovation Toolkit

research | prototyping

With the launch of the ‘big society’ in 2010 communities are required to become autonomous independent from community workers and resources. The Social Innovation Toolkit explores the tools and a web platform connecting these autonomous communities supporting each other.

Photo of Kinnal Book spread of the new products created

Kinnal Craft Book

craft | illustration | documentation

The Kinnal Craft Book is an illustrated and laid out coffee table book documenting the Kinnal craft’s process and showcasing the many artful photographs taken of India and its people during the Kinnal Craft project.

hoto of a typical workshop scene at Kinnal. All students are sitting on the floor of the workshop holding working on their pieces securing it with their feet.

Kinnal Craft

craft | innovation | documentation

Craft development project in Kinnal, India. A nine week workshop to co-learn with local craft trainees, innovate products and establish routes for distribution in collaboration with the regional craft councils and create a sustainable network post workshop.

Levenskracht logo and year book magazine


research | service design

Iconic Service Design Project - co-creating a service with street prostitutes and supporting organisations in creating new futures for these women and their peers. Developed for and with the Tippelzone in Eindhoven, in collaboration with T-huis and Eindhoven council.

Picture of conversation starter and mapping tools for ethnographic research

Brand Transition Strategy

research | smart future | branding

Corporate ethnographic research for an energy conglomerate operating across India, UK and Sweden to determine a strategy for brand transition and internal and external communication.